Broker Value Adds

Similar to a concierge at your finest hotels, the broker brings specific market knowledge to the table. Determining which insurance carrier is best suited to you is dependent upon your answers to your medical history, the type of vehicle you drive, your age and various other factors that each company's underwriter and your broker will take into account.

Brokers provide value by not having a conflict of interest. Clearly, you are the client, and the experienced broker attempts to provide you with the best policy structure and the lowest premium with the best carrier possible.

The role of the broker is one that benefits all parties in the transaction: the client and the insurance carrier. Since the broker understands all aspects of the market, as well as what the client wants to accomplish, they can target the insurance companies that offer the best product to meet the needs of the client. By obtaining competitive offers, the broker is able to compare and advise as to which product provides the best value.