What We Do

We are brokers. We do the research and we know how to get through the maze of insurance companies that are out there.

We don't work for the insurance companies. We work for you!

Often, people decide to purchase insurance from one source, direct from an agent of ABC Company, because they do not have the knowledge, or time, to learn the complexities of the local market. This is where an expert advisor or broker may improve your options; they can help you to understand the different policies, help you to understand insurance structure, and help you to find and obtain the right insurance plan.

It’s important to have an expert acting in your best interest when you are looking to protect your health or your life. The biggest difference is that an agent works for the carrier and represents the carrier's interest. The broker, however, gives the clients' interest the highest priority and importance.

The obvious conclusion most people make when they purchase insurance direct is that they are cutting out the middleman. Therefore, they must be saving money, right?

Unfortunately, this is not accurate. Insurance is a contract between you and the insurance company and as such, the rates are dictated and approved by insurance companies. The cost of a broker is borne by the insurance carrier and is not added to the price as you might expect. The insurance carrier pays the broker, so the client incurs no additional retainer or other fees. All things being equal, you will pay the same amount with or without the use of a broker. So, why not have an expert represent your interests?